11/2/17, Baltimore, MD @ EMP Collective w/ Amy Reid, Alex Silva, Patrick McMinn

11/4/17, Princeton, NJ @ All Saints’ Church • Presented by Contemporary Undercurrent of Song Project

11/6/17, Bloomington, IN @ The Void • BLACK MASS XLV w/ Gnaw Bone, Lather

11/10/17, Brooklyn, NY @ Outpost Artists Resources Inc • Ende Tymes 8: Novo Apocalypso  

11/14/17, Portland, ME @ Geno's Rock Club w/ Other Order (Zak Taillon), Sterile Garden

11/15/17, New Haven, CT @ Lyric Hall Theater w/ Krem ôn' Wo͝ol, Hedonist, Human Flourishing

11/18/17, New Paltz, NY @ MLIBOG w/ Whispers of Night, if, Bwana+mtlczk, Mike Pride, Lucas Brode




10/21/17, Garnerville, NY @ Garner Arts Center • Garner Arts Autumn Electronix Festival

09/03/17, Queens, NY @ H0L0 w/ Cities Aviv, Dreamcrusher, Yatta, Geng, münki, Beau

08/06/17, Brooklyn, NY @ National Sawdust • Summer Labs Residency

07/20/17, Brooklyn, NY @ Vital Joint w/ John Atkinson, Brandon Lopez, A Stick and a Stone • Presented by New Firmamant

06/24/17, Queens, NY @ Trans-Pecos: Cixous72 presents ANTHESTERIA II w/ Bobby Flan, Bookworms, Just The Right Height, Liquid Asset, Olivia Neutron-John, ppG, Profligate, Umfang, Unsay

05/04/17 - 6/31/17, Brooklyn, NY @ Made in NY Media Center by IFP: Temporal Topologies - Group Exhibition

05/05/17, Lafayette, CO @ Center for Musical Arts: Spring Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival w/ Lori Napoleon (DJ Antenes), Rhinoceropolis in Exile (page27, Sister Grotto, orchidz3ro), bios+a+ic

04/05/17, Brooklyn, NY C'mon Everybodyw/ Like A Villain, Public Speaking, John Niekrasz

03/10/17, Queens, NY @ Knockdown Center: Presented by PTP fka Purple Tape Pedigree x AdHoc w/ Beta Librae, Dj Haram, Lechuga Zafiro, RIOBAMBA_dj, Via App

02/18/17, Brooklyn, NY Park Church Co-op w/ The Holy Circle, Snowbeasts, Whote, DJ Le Bourreau [Theologian]

01/27/17, Queens, NY @ Trans-Pecos: Abstract Conditions 1 Year w/ Dasychira, FaltyDL, XGLARE, Speak Onion, M1N0M0X

01/21/17, New Paltz, NY @ MLIBOG w/ MARIS, Mina B, Klonopin, mtlczk

11/18/16, Minneapolis, MN Gamut Gallery

11/17/16, Des Moines, IA @ The Fremont w/ Cancer Lake, Tantrum Throwers

11/16/16, Denver, CO @ University of Denver, Emergent Digital Practices

11/15/16, Salt Lake City, UT The University of Utah, Dept. of Art & Art History

11/14/16, Moscow, ID @ The University of Idaho, Prichard Art Gallery

11/13/16, Portland, OR @ Leaven Community Center: Presented by Optic Echo Records w/ _wndfrm, The OO-Ray, Mike Jedlicka, visuals by Mark Henrickso

11/12/16, Seattle, WA Timbre Room w/ Muscle and Marrow, Masturbatory Dysfunction, PRISONFOOD

11/09/16, Los Angeles, CA @ Big Pictures Los Angeles

11/06/16, Albuquerque, NM @ The Tannex

11/05/16, Austin, TX @ First Street Studio w/ Limited Hangout, John-Mike Reed

11/04/16, Dallas, TX @ Full City Rooster Listening Space w/ David Stout, Locations

11/02/16, Columbus, OH @ Feverhead w/ DJ Moxy, Nicole Garlando

10/20/16, Bloomington, IN @ The Artifex Guild

10/18/16, Chicago, IL @ Elastic Arts w/ James Connolly, jonCates

10/15/16, Brooklyn, NY @ IDIO Gallery: New York Noise Assembly V

09/29/16, Queens, NY @ Trans-Pecos: TECHGNOSIS w/ Martial Canterel, R Gamble, Interval, Collin Crowe, Lulu Cipher, Nick Fraser, DJ Ariele Max, DJ Redo

09/04/16, Brooklyn, NY Silent Barn: Experi-mental Festival 7

08/20/16, Brooklyn, NY @ Park Church Co-Op w/ M. Lamar, Father Murphy, Stehla

06/15/16, Brooklyn, NY @ Park Church Co-Op w/ Forest Management & Dominic Coppola + G.S. Sultan

06/10/16, Santa Fe, NM: CURRENTS New Media Festival @ El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

05/17/16, New York, NY Harvestworks: Drone Dreams presented by Helena Acosta & Alfredo Salazar-Caro

05/14/16, New Paltz, NY MLIBOG 

03/06/16, Brooklyn, NY @ Muchmore's: Presented by Monthly Modular Series

02/13/16, Brooklyn, NY @ Muchmore's: Presented by aaaviary

02/04/16, New York, NY @ Spectrum: Pas Musique presents Ambient Chaos

01/08/16, Brooklyn, NY @ Bootleg Mansion: Presented by Abstract COnditions w/ SOLARIS, key, lilienfeld, rtype  

12/06/15, Queens, NY @ Trans-Pecos w/ Jeff Kolar, Alper/Silverglade Duo, Public Speaking

11/21/15, Brooklyn, NY Prospect Range: Presented by Fabrica Records w/ EL Sueño de la Casa Propia, On a Clear Day, Silent Isle, Xanthocephalus + Luciernaga  

11/5/15, Cambridge, MA @ MIT List Visual Arts Center - Bartos Theater: Presented by Ampersand w/ Asha Sheshadri (Isolde Touch)

10/31/15, Brooklyn, NY @ Tarot Society  

10/30/15, Brooklyn, NY @ Bossa Nova Civic Club: Presented by aaaviary w/ Ross Gallagher & Sam Zagnit, double bass(es) + electronics; Site Specific Compositions by Ryan Beppel and William Dougherty; Afterwit, DJ Set  

10/24/15, Washington, D.C. @ Pyramid Atlantic: Presented by Sonic Circuits  w/ Tomas Korber & Konus Quartett, Tag Cloud, Solar Return, Jaap Blonk

10/18/15, Brooklyn, NY @ Torus Porta w/ Joey Molinaro; She The Moon, He The Sun; Dean Cercone, Jeffrey Young, Spreaders, Rowan Katz

10/17/15, Brooklyn, NY @ Bootleg Mansionw/ Speak Onion, Decrepit Jaw, enn{kdog, XGLARE, M1N0M0X: Presented by Immigrant Breast Nest

8/25/15, Meriden, CT @ The Aviary Art Space w/ Parlay Droner, Kevin Greenspon, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Phemale, DrinkDeeply

8/24/15, Providence, RI @ Aurora 

8/23/15, Brooklyn, NY: ALBUM RELEASE SHOW @ Tarot Society w/ Octonomy and Luciernaga

8/21/15, Baltimore, MD @ Gallery 788 w/ Hotel Neon

8/20/15, Philadelphia, PA @ Psycho's @ Berks w/ LXV, Gene Pick, Cienfuegos, DJ Andrew Kühl

8/18/15, Pittsburgh, PA @ Bunker Projectsw/ Slowdanger, Hunted Creatures, Mythical Skank

8/19/15, Detroit, MI @ Lo and Behold! Records & Books w/ Ben Kempkers, The Campau Street Improvisers

8/17/15, Indianapolis, IN @ The Irving Theater: GHOST VIBES 666 w/ Dante Augustus Scarlatti, John Flannelly, Miami Mice, Mememormee

8/16/15, Bloomington, IN @ Artifex Guildw/ Dante Augustus Scarlatti & Goodhands Team

8/15/15, Minneapolis, MN @ Secret Service Warehouse w/ Knife World, Uranium Club & Lamp Rays

8/14/15, Des Moines, IA @ Des Moines Social Club, Handball Court w/ Cancer Lake, Tree branch Twig, DJ DJ TANNER

8/13/15, Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Dead Pawn & Apollo Vermouth

8/12/15, Chicago, IL @ DFBRL8R: Presented by NUMBERS.FM + Radius w/ jonCates & Jeff Kolar, Terran Wretch, cinchel

6/27/15, Brooklyn, NY @ Home Audio w/ The Longest Day of the Year & New Thread Sax Quartet

4/18/15, Brooklyn, NY @ Torus Porta